Sunday, December 06, 2009

Explorer Magazines

Inspired by National Geographic, third graders created their own explorer magazine and learned about the roles of an illustrator, graphic designer, biologist and author during the process. Students started as "explorers" who had just discovered several new species of animals. For each new discovery, they selected several images from the animal bag to combine in an illustration. Students wrote articles about some of their discoveries, including the new animal's name, environment, diet, etc. Their final task was to design an engaging cover for their magazine that would make someone in a bookstore want to stop and read it. This lesson was definitely a hit. Students had a blast coming up with their new animal combinations and putting everything together for their finished magazines.

My animal is a Squalfrog. It eats nuts and flies. It lives in the jungle. They live in trees. It's very slimy. It can climb trees. By Zachary  

His name is a chamel. My Chamel lives in a desert-ish environment. My animal eats ice cream cake. My Chamel lives in an underground tunnel in the desert. My Chamel is very feathery. It can fly a mile without stopping.


I discovered a rare species called a Wharet. A Wharet lives in the Amazon Rainforest and the ocean but it can only be in each environment for a short amount of time. It eats fish and fruit. It can fly, dive very deep, and swim very fast. If you feel it, it feels scaly at one part and feathery at another. Maybe one day you can explore the world too.

The Pinegor lives in the Desert and eats alot of sand. The diet, though, is dead plants. It's very spikey and runs very fast.

The Cowl, discovered by Iain, lives in North America and likes to eat plants and loves to swim.

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