Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stop Motion Animations

Our 5th graders have worked very hard to finish up their stop motion animation projects. Students organized themselves into small groups and worked on concept development, storyboards, photography and music selection. We finished the project this past week with a school-wide presentation!

Below are several highlights, followed by links to each group's video for student viewing. We hope you enjoy our films!!!

A note to parents: These videos have been uploaded to YouTube but are not listed in public search results on that site. The only way these can be accessed is by clicking the link from this website.


Haunted Bathroom

The Bugatti

Alien Vegetables

Space Alien

Nightmare Come Alive

Flying Frog


Links to every group's video:

Flying Frog -
Alien Vegetables -
Burrito -
The Bugatti -
Haunted Bathroom -
Formation of the Earth -
Space Alien -
Nightmare Come Alive -
Rockband -
Devil Demons -
Jewelry -
Walking Shoes -
Rocket Horse -
Spy Shoes -
Sea Monster -
Fishy Fishy -
Werewolf Dog -
Snakes -
Cupid -
Hearts -
Sumo Horse -

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